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LEW Inc. is a full-service piping company strongly committed to maintaining the integrity of pipelines and piping systems including petroleum and natural gas from the marine vessels, tank farms and pipelines.


We provide the following services. 

• Pipeline cleaning
• Welding (fabrication, maintenance, tie-ins and repair) in accordance with API 1104; ASME section nine B31.1 & B31.3; AWS D1.1
• Recognizing and responding to abnormal conditions - outside control room
• External coatings on buried or submerged components - application and repair
• Damage prevention during excavation and backfilling activities
• Conduct DOT pipeline pressure tests
• Inspection of clearance of existing pipe to underground structures
• Installation or repair of support structures on existing above ground components
• Backfilling an excavation
• General pipeline repair evacuation of pipe-inert gas; flammable gas; liquids
• Safe disconnection of abandoned pipeline facilities
• Provide security for pipeline facilities
• Place and maintain permanent line markers
• Moving in- service pipe
• General pipeline repair - full encirclement sleeve - tight fitting sleeve; oversleeve
• General pipeline repair stoppling - Stopple fitting preparation
• Hot tap 2” and under
• Hot Tap 2 1/2” and larger
• Repair defective welds other than welds containing cracks
• Repair of arc burns
• Replacement of a weld or cylinder of pipe
• Perform pipeline/plant welding
• Perform welding on loaded lines
• Perform specialized welding
• Sandblasting and coating
• Grouting abandoned pipelines
• Row mowing
• Clearing of row’s
• Miscellaneous maintenance
• Monitoring of pig runs
• Loading and unloading of pigs
• Excavation and repairs of anomalies
• Suppling general labor
• Close interval surveying
• DCVG testing
• Line locating

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